Holi skincare and hair care tips

Holi skincare and hair care tips

Hello everyone! Today I am sharing some efficacious holi skincare and hair care tips with you all.

Prep your skin and hair

  • Oil your hair before going out to celebrate holi. The holi colours will dry up your hair and make it frizzy. It’ll also become difficult to get rid of the colour from your hair. So it is essential to apply oil generously to your hair. The oil will act as a protective barrier and will not let the colour cling to your hair. You can use coconut, almond or olive oil. Those who do not like the heavy feel of the oil can use Moroccan oil, Dove Elixir oil or Garnier fructis oil in cream.
  • Apply a sunscreen or a hydrating moisturizer with SPF on your face to protect yourself from the UV rays. The moisturizer will also safeguard your face from the harmful colours.
  • Use hydrating body lotion or body oil. It is salient to moisturize your skin, as it wouldn’t let the colours stick to your skin. It becomes easier to wash off the holi colour later on.
  • Always use herbal holi colours as they won’t harm your skin. Avoid using deleterious chemical colours as they can cause rashes and irritation on your skin. It also becomes very grinding to get rid of these colours.

After holi skincare and hair care

  • Start by using a cleansing milk or extra virgin coconut oil to clean your face. Pour some cleansing milk or coconut oil on the cotton pad and gently clean your face with it. It’ll help to get rid of the colour expeditiously.
  • Wash your face with a mild hydrating face wash. You can use Neutrogena deep cleanser face wash, The Body shop Vitamin E face cleanser or Kama Ayurveda Rose Jasmine cleanser. Use any brand that suits your skin.
  • Incase of any redness or irritation, apply aloe vera gel or tea tree forthwith on the affected area. Both aloe vera gel and tea tree oil will help to subside the redness and irritation.
  • Rinse your hair with a hydrating shampoo and use a conditioner or a hair mask afterwards. The holi colours will make your hair dry and fuzzy so it is imperative to provide deep hydration to your hair. You can use Organix tea tree mint, Organix coconut, Delon avocado oil, Pantene nature fusion, BBLUNT Intense moisture shampoo and conditioner.
  • Use a creamy or hydrating body wash to get rid of the colour. You can use Nivea crème smooth shower gel, Soap and Glory clean girls creamy body wash, Marks and Spencer coconut body wash or The Body Shop olive bath shower gel. These are just a few examples of hydrating shower gels. You can use any moisturizing body wash whichever suits your skin.
  • Apply a face serum or a superlative hydrating moisturizer. It will help to smooth your skin. The holi colour tends to dry up the skin and makes it flaky and rough. So apply a face serum or a moisturizer after a bath. You can use The Body Shop oils of life serum, Lakme absolute skin gloss serum, Vichy Aqualia Thermal Dynamic Hydration serum, Biotique BXL Cellular nourishing cream, Cetaphil moisturizing cream etc. You can even use a tiny amount of almond oil or olive oil all over your face if you have an extra dry skin.
  • Apply a minuscule amount of hair serum to towel dried hair. It’ll help to lock in moisture and remove the frizz. Let your hair dry naturally. You can use The Body shop grape seed serum, Moroccan oil, John Frieda frizz ease serum, Streaks hair serum etc.
  • In the end, you can use hydrating body lotion, body butter or body oil. It’ll help to keep your skin soft and supple. Some examples of superlative body lotions, butters and oils are Kama Ayurveda Lavender Patchouli body lotion, Vaseline intensive care cocoa glow body lotion, Jergens ultra healing extra dry lotion, The Body Shop shea body butter, Soap and Glory the righteous body butter, Forest essentials moisture replenishing bath and shower oils, etc.

I hope all these tips prove to be beneficial for all of you. I wish you all a very happy and safe Holi.


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