Kiko Milano Hydra Pro Matte Moisturizing Fluid

Kiko Milano hydra pro matte moisturizing fluid 50ml (Rs. 2,200)



Hello everyone! I am reviewing Kiko Milano’s hydra pro matte moisturizing fluid. I purchased this from Kiko Milano’s store in Delhi. It is meant for normal to combination skin. It gives a mattifying effect on the face. The ACTIGLOW and hyaluronic acid present in the moisturizer gives a radiant glow to the skin. The packaging is quite travel friendly. The bottle of this moisturizer comes with a dispenser and it is very easy to ooze the fluid out of it.

I have a combination skin. So I decided to purchase this matte moisturizing fluid. It has a very light texture. It is lightly scented with rose. I love the fragrance of this moisturizer. It doesn’t give that heavy feel of a cream. It gives a matte finish and also hydrates my skin. It gives a brightening effect to my face. It contains hyaluronic acid, which gives a healthy glow to my skin. Hyaluronic acid has many benefits. It is also used in many eye serums to reduce dark circles and tighten the under eye area. It is even used in many anti-ageing products. This moisturizer also contains Acti Glow, a revolutionary cosmetic advancement, which promotes the growth of collagen. It also makes the skin radiant and firm.This fluid controls excess sebum and mitigates shine on my face. I prefer to use it in the evening, as there is no SPF in it. I use a moisturizer with sunscreen during the daytime. I really like this moisturizer but I would use it only during summers. My skin tends to get dry in winters so I need a more hydrating moisturizer than this one. I would recommend it for oily skin types. This moisturizer is great for oily skin.

The drawbacks of this moisturizer are that it does not have SPF and also it is a little overpriced. There are many other affordable oil free moisturizers also. So I would prefer to try Kiko Milano’s hydra pro day cream next time which contains SPF and is more hydrating for my skin type.


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