Kama Ayurveda Lavender Patchouli body cleanser and body moisturizer

Hello everyone! I am reviewing Kama Ayurveda’s lavender patchouli body cleanser and moisturizer today.

Lavender oil- has many antiseptic and anti-fungal properties. It helps to reduce inflammation and also cures acne. The aroma of lavender oil abbreviates anxiety and emotional stress. It also helps to treat insomnia. It also improves the circulation of blood. It hydrates your skin.

Patchouli oil- acts as an antidepressant. It helps to soothe any skin irritation & inflammation. It is also used as a sedative. It is used to treat shrivelled skin. It also helps to curtail scars.

Kama Ayurveda Lavender Patchouli body cleanser 200 ml (Rs. 595)


Kama ayurveda’s lavender body cleanser is a mild body cleanser. The packaging of this cleanser is quite fetching. The store manager gave me a complimentary pump dispenser. It comes without a pump dispenser. It is 65.8% natural. The store manager suggested that I should buy the Rose Jasmine body cleanser, as it is SLES and Paraben free. But I love the fragrance of lavender oil. So I decided to buy it.

It is a colourless body cleanser. The consistency of this body cleanser is like a gel. I apply it with the help of a loofah. It lathers very well so I have to squeeze a small quantity of this cleanser. A little goes a long way. It made my skin very soft and satiny. It has fewer chemicals so it doesn’t strip off the natural oils from the skin. It is very easy to wash and it doesn’t leave any remnant behind. It is a lightweight body cleanser. The aroma of lavender uplifts my mood. It leaves a lovely floral fragrance on my skin. The patchouli oil and aloe vera provides moisture and helps to redress roughness of my skin. It also leaves my skin glowing. This body wash is suitable for all skin types. It is also useful for those suffering from body acne as the lavender oil and aloe vera present in the body wash, heals acne. It hydrates the skin and also repairs any inflammation and irritation on the skin.

Kama Ayurveda lavender patchouli body moisturizer 200ml (Rs.695)


It is a deep nourishing moisturizer. It is 85.9% natural. It comes without a pump dispenser. You can ask the store manager to give an extra dispenser as the application of the moisturizer becomes a little messy without it. It is a white creamy moisturizer. I totally adulate it. This body moisturizer made my skin very soft and supple. I apply it after having a bath when my skin is damp because it helps to seal in the moisture. It removes all the flakiness of the skin. It made my skin velvety. It also calms irritation and soreness of the skin. The fragrance of this body moisturizer lasted for a very long time. It also smoothened out my rough skin around the elbows. It gets quickly absorbed into my skin and doesn’t give that heavy feel of a cream. I would definitely recommend using this moisturizer. It is also suitable for sensitive skin types because of its healing properties.

I love both lavender patchouli body cleanser and moisturizer. Those who are fond of floral fragrance would definitely love Kama ayurveda’s lavender patchouli collection.








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  1. Very convincing.Will definitely try the moisturizer as I was looking for an effective one and the fragrance is another plus

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