Tea tree oil, ylang ylang oil & peppermint oil treatment

Tea tree oil– has antibacterial & antiseptic properties. Tea tree oil helps to cure dandruff & many scalp problems. It also provides relief to an itchy scalp & reduces inflammation. It helps to unclog pores & promotes hair growth. It also helps in combating lice.


Peppermint oil– also helps in curbing dandruff. It is rich in essential fatty acids. It is an excellent coolant for your scalp. It helps to cure dry scalp & provide nourishment to the scalp. It helps to prevent hair loss by increasing the blood flow. It helps to soothe & relieve itching of scalp.


Ylang ylang oil– has a very pleasant fragrance. It acts as an antidepressant. It is also used as a sedative. It helps to cure hair fall caused due to stress or depression. It also conditions dry & brittle hair. It helps to reduce stress & anxiety. It calms down your nerves when massaged into the scalp.


Both tea tree & peppermint oil act as a coolant & instantly provide relief to an itchy scalp.These are essential oils & should not be used directly on your scalp. They should be mixed with a carrier oil.I mix them with almond oil.

Almond oil– consists of Omega-3 fatty acids. It is a great option for all those suffering from hair loss. It locks in moisture & makes your hair shiny & silky. Almond oil also helps to treat dandruff. It stimulates hair growth. It also prevents split ends. It makes your hair strands stronger & prevents breakage.


I take some almond oil in a small bowl. I have fine medium hair. The quantity will depend according to your length & hair type. Then I mix 4-5 drops of tea tree oil, peppermint oil & ylang ylang oil. I then massage this blend of oils into my scalp & apply the rest all over my hair. The tea tree & peppermint soothes my scalp & gives a cooling affect. The aroma of ylang ylang oil helps to cure stress. I leave this mixture for an hour so that it gets absorbed into my hair. Then I wrap a hot towel around my head. It helps to open your pores & stimulates the hair follicles. I wash my hair with a mild shampoo followed by a conditioner. Allow your hair to dry naturally.

You can follow this treatment once or twice a week.


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